Our Story

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Against the backdrop of lake volta...

In a small fishing village set against Lake Volta, in the Eastern Region of Ghana, a young boy retained an impressively high level of dedication and determination to his studies, with dreams for an improved future.

Holy had more obstacles to overcome than any child should, with the death of both his parents and overwhelming pressure to be working rather than focusing on studies. Sadly, this is not uncommon. As Holy was at his most vulnerable, one person immediately noticed his absence from school.

The search...

A teacher at Holy’s school, Eric Acheampong searched across three regions of Ghana for 6 days trying to find Holy, who had been sent to various members of extended family.

Eric worked tirelessly to gain a place for Holy in a boarding school where his safety and passion for studies would be nurtured. As Holy began settling back in to some normality of life in Kwahu, Eric realised that too many children in this position would fall through the cracks.


In the beginning, three plots of land were purchased with the approval of the local Chief and a range of witnesses from the area. Eric convened a team of trustees from the UK to design a community project that could bring about positive change for these children. With the help of passionate friends in London and in Ghana, Holy's Home for Children was officially registered in April 2016. 

Holy started his first year of Senior High School in November 2018 with the ambition of becoming an airline pilot.