Our Story

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june 2013...

Just before the start of his graduate scheme James Deacon volunteered in a small fishing village set against Lake Volta, in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Whilst teaching a young boy named Holy, he noticed an impressively high level of dedication and determination to his studies, with dreams of becoming a bank manager in the city.

Holy's mother passed away during this time and James made a promise to his Father to fund his schooling until he finishes University. Upon returning to London however, James learned that his Father had passed away as well with little explanation. Sadly this is not uncommon due to health services in remote areas such as this.

The search...

A fellow teacher, Eric Acheampong searched across three regions of Ghana for 6 days trying to find Holy, who had been sent to various members of extended family.

After sponsoring Holy for school and seeing him happy and settled in both his studies and back in his native region of Kwahu, James decided to expand this newly found passion to help more children who find themselves in this difficult situation.


Three plots of land were purchased in 2014 with the approval of the local Chief and a range of witnesses from the area. James came together with the other trustees to merely dream about what a project could look like and how best to bring about positive change for these children. With the help of many passionate friends in London and in Ghana, Holy's Home for Children was officially registered in April 2016. 


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