Our Vision

Holy’s Home has four main objectives:

1.      Provide a safe and supportive home for orphaned children through the construction of a financially self-sustainable children’s home

2.      Create a loving home environment that enables children to fulfill their full potential

3.      Support the local community by providing employment with work needed to run the home

4.      Provide clean and safe drinking water at an affordable cost for nearby towns and villages

The pure water project is the key to ensuring the home becomes financially self-sustainable. Taken from a bore hole on-site, water will be purified and packaged, then sold to the surrounding towns and villages. As well as providing a more competitive solution to clean drinking water, this income will enable the home to support itself without the need for voluntary help from overseas.

By empowering the local community to sustain the home, Holy’s Home is a charity with a difference by aiming to make itself obsolete.

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